4 Instances You'll Need the Assistance of an FMLA Lawyer

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The FMLA Act requires employers to offer their workers leave for various qualified family and medical circumstances. It outlines employees' rights regarding this break and the period they can stay out of work. Unfortunately, some bosses don't follow the rules stated by this law, stressing and frustrating their workers. If you're unable to take a leave for any reason, you can hire an FMLA lawyer to fight for your rights. Here are four instances when you'll need the services of these attorneys.

You're Not Sure If You're Eligible for an FMLA Leave

This leave is usually offered to workers whose bosses are covered. It applies to employees working in the private, state, local, and federal agencies who have a specific number of employees within a given mile radius. If you aren't sure whether you're eligible, an FMLA lawyer can help you determine if it's right for your needs. They'll also tell you how much leave you're allowed to take.

You Have Medical Conditions That Make It Difficult to Work

It's only possible to be productive at work if you're healthy. But if you have conditions that put your health at risk, your employer should grant you a leave to seek medication. An FMLA attorney can help you determine which health issues qualify for leave. They understand the dangers of not taking time off, and they'll make sure you get the proper treatment.

Your Pay is Reduced Because You Took a Leave

Some employers may refuse to grant you leave because they have few workers and don't want their company's productivity to be affected. To prevent you from taking the leave, they may convince you to take it another time, threaten you with demotion, or reduce your pay. If you find out your salary and benefits have been reduced after the leave, hire an FMLA Lawyer. These attorneys will fight to make sure your pay is reinstated. They have ample experience dealing with these cases and can represent and help you find justice in a lawsuit against your boss.

You Need a Leave to Take Care of a Newborn Child

Although pregnant women are entitled to a maternity leave that may take a couple of weeks after birth, you can also be entitled to an FMLA leave to care for a newborn. A lawyer can help you obtain the additional time needed and negotiate for an intermittent leave with your employer if necessary.

Hiring an FMLA lawyer is a great idea, especially if you need a break for health reasons, a family member's illness, or a severe situation. These attorneys will help you obtain the proper time off to take care of your loved one's needs and make sure you are compensated for your lost work time.

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