What You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Actsof sexual harassment in the workplace are against the law. However, some victims will feel a sense of retaliation if they decide to report an incident. If you have dealt with sexual harassment at your place of employment, remember there are laws to protect you. The following are some things you need to know:

What Acts Are Considered an Act of Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is any type of act that you find sexualizing at work or in your everyday life. There are several different behaviors that can be considered sexual harassment. Each act of sexual harassment includes similar factors.

One factor is if a sexual advance is unwelcome or unwanted. This includes touching, excessive flirting, or asking for sexual favors in exchange for something else. Another factor includes an act of a personnel nature such as a termination, demotion, a change in pay, or non-consideration for a promotion when you qualify.

What Is the First Thing You Should Do?

If you are sexually harassed at work, you first need to document the behavior. Maintain a record of any instance of unwanted sexual advance. Include the time, date, type of advancement, and so on. You also need to keep any evidence that corroborates the sexual harassment, including notes, texts, pictures, emails, and any other form of communication.

You also need to report the harassment to your employer. Additionally, you need to contact your employer. Show your evidence to your sexual harassment attorney to determine if you have a legal case for sexual harassment.

Is Anyone Immune to Punishment?

No matter the position a person is in at your place of employment, no one is immune from punishment if he or she engages in an act of sexual harassment. A manger, business owner, or even a customer cannot commit this crime without suffering the legal consequences. By law, your employer is to protect you from any sort of harassment in the workplace. If you are not provided with the means necessary to be safe in your place of employment, your employer can face legal challenges.

Can You Face Retaliation?

If you report anyone in your workplace for sexual harassment, he or she cannot retaliate against you without legal penalties. Your employer cannot report you if you refuse sexual advances as well.

Retaliation includes any sort of negative action against you, including a poor work environment, additional harassment, a reduction in your hours, or a termination.

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