The Common Employment Contract Issues That Require The Intervention Of An Experienced Employment Lawyer

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It is exciting to attend an interview and qualify for a job. Sometimes, all the excitement about a new paycheck and the prospects of personal and career growth make people forget to check the terms and conditions of employment. The employment contract is the document that your employer gives you, outlining different terms and conditions. Typically, each employer is allowed to set standards of conduct within the organization. However, they can only do this within the limits of employment law.

If you have realized that your employer might have shortchanged you with the employment contract, you can seek legal help to resolve the stalemate. Here are three employment contract issues that might need the intervention of an experienced employment lawyer,

When Your Employer Breaches the Employment Contract

The biggest employment contract problem is when the employer disrespects the terms of employment they spelled out in the contract. For example, if they stated that they were employing you on a permanent basis with benefits, failure to offer you the benefits is a breach of contract. Other breaches might include invalid demotions, termination of contracts, and even not offering pay raises and promotions as promised in the contract.

Your employment lawyer will look at your case and determine whether you have valid grounds to sue your employer or not. They will also prepare the court documents and help you start the legal proceedings.

When the Contract Has Invalid Terms

Some employers create employment contracts without checking whether the terms are valid under the employment act and the state laws. When seeking employment, you might not understand some of the legal jargon, which will force you to sign contracts that do not serve your best interests. To avoid such a complication, hire an employment lawyer to go through your contract and determine which bits are legal and which are not.

Note that inability to meet these stipulations could lead to more complications such as enforceability.

When Negotiating the Terms of Employment

You can also hire a competent employment lawyer when negotiating the terms of your employment. The attorney should look at the contract before you sign it and advise you on the clauses, where you may negotiate for better terms. 

They will also help you avoid binding agreements that might affect you even after leaving the company.

It is wise to approach employment with a lot of caution. Have an experienced and registered employment lawyer look at your documents before you agree to anything, and this will minimize the possibility of you running into trouble. 

To learn more, contact an employment lawyer.

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